We strive to make your dental appointment as stress free as possible.  That is why we utilize the latest in technology in our treatments.  Here are just a few of the technological advances we utilize within our office.

The Wand

The "WAND" is a computer driven anesthesia device that the dentist holds like a pen. Not only is it visually less menacing, it is barely perceptible when combined with topical anesthesia .  Most patients are completely unaware that they have received a "needle"! 

Picasso Laser

Our laser allows us to do minor soft tissue procedures using just local anesthesia.  When using a laser, there's usually little to no bleeding and no stitches indicated in most cases.  Another great benefit of the laser is there's very little post-op pain.  Some of the procedures we offer are traumatic fibroma removal, frenectomy, operculectomy, and soft tissue recontouring.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera captures up close images of the teeth enabling enhanced visualization of single teeth or whole arches.  These images clarify explanations of disease processes and facilitate understanding of proposed treatments.

Digital Imaging

Dental X-rays are an important tool in dentistry; aiding in diagnosing decay, abscesses, infection, or pathology and in determining the condition of existing fillings, crowns and root canals.  X-rays also help dentists assess bone levels and detect periodontal disease.  Digital X-rays provide an 80% reduction in radiation, the images are high quality and can be viewed in a matter of seconds, and there are no harmful chemicals involved as in the processing of film.