Children are very welcome at Diamond State Dentistry!  We have many amenities to augment their comfort including  a play room with a tv, a train table, books, toys, and a Wii.  All children are rewarded with a small toy of their choosing after their appointment.  We use non-threatening verbiage and work with your child to promote a positive experience! 

Please let us know if your child has special needs and we will do our best to accommodate him or her!  It is our goal to help create great dental patients!

Color Fillings

We offer special fillings for your child's baby teeth only.  It's fun for the child to pick out colors and since the teeth fall out eventually, parents don't have to worry about replacement fillings someday! 

Space Maintainer

Some children may require a space maintainer if a baby tooth is extracted early due to dental decay.  Teeth can shift after an extraction and not leave enough room for the permanent tooth underneath to erupt.  A space maintainer is placed to keep the space open and may lessen the chance of needing full braces in the future.